Dana Roman

Dana completed a master’s degree in architecture in Prague and worked as an architect for ten years. Later, she took art courses at Ontario College of Art, Alberta College of Art, and Vancouver Island School of Art.

Dana spent 20 years (1977-1997) running her textile art workshop, specializing in hand-painted silk; her collections were sold extensively in the wholesale marketplace. 

After moving to Canmore, Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies in 1997, Dana became a studio artist. She works in acrylics, mixed media, and textiles (specifically painted silk). 

Dana is known in her art community as an enthusiastic volunteer, a past president of the Canmore Art Guild, and a gallery director. She served on juries in Alberta for multiple public art competitions and received many awards for her art locally, nationally, and internationally.

Dana likes to spend her free time somewhere high up in the mountains, where she gets most of her inspiration. Dana believes that art should be viewed as visual poetry and therefore affects our feelings and emotions.

Dana creates both functional and non-functional art. Her hand-painted silk scarves are all one-of-a-kind individually painted or hand felted and are great gifts, which people treasure for generations. She calls her scarves sketches for the larger paintings.